• Rendezvous Living RoomThis home is a marriage of custom stick framing with timber frame accents
  • Massive Douglas fir beams, posts, and rafters accentuate the “great Room” concept design
  • Modern LED architectural lighting really makes this style of home glow
  • Railings are a mixture of timber posts with the durability of powder coated steel railings.
  • Featuring “Telluride” thin cut veneer stone anchoring this mountain top residence to the very rocky mountain on which it is built
  • Stone floors,
  • Marble mixed with copper accents
  • Alder Cabinets
  • Sugar Pine ceilings

Ranch Creek Ranch

This description was written by the Owner (also the interior designer): 

Interior design was my main focus.  Since the kitchen is such a hub and the floor plan very open, I started there.  Not wanting to be just another mountain house, I decided on vintage white cabinets and black accents.  Paneling on the appliances, pantry, refrigerator and island as “furniture” features made for a sophisticated look.  But being a mountain home, an informal allure was important.  When I found the chunky wooden knobs from the UK, I decided they would be the perfect touch to return a bit of the rustic feel and bring out the color of the rub-through on the white cabinets.  I believe the final touch, the addition of the walnut butcher block, married all of the elements beautifully.

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Innsbruck Val-Moritz

Designed to capture the valley views, this custom home boasts high-end finishes and impeccable craftsmanship. The walk out level includes a two-car heated garage, a family room with stained concrete floors and two bedrooms.

The full bath that they share is tiled with soft, porous marble. All of the floors in the entire home are heated with a hydronic in-floor system, making the hard surface floors warm and comfortable all year long. Continue reading

Pole Creek Meadows

This is another example of log construction.

Notice the use of both Western White Pine in the log walls and the contrast of the Douglas fir structural beams used in the log post and roof system beams. The wood ceilings are appointed with Aspen and the floors with Hickory. The use of many species of wood complements the design beautifully. Continue reading

10 Mile Creek Estates

This log home was handcrafted by the Fraser River Log and Timber Company in British Columbia, Canada; it was built on-site in Canada, taken apart, shipped and then reassembled at our client’s lot in Grand County. Continue reading

Wild Acres

This house was built from a kit log home provided by Lodge Logs. The home is constructed of 10-inch round, kiln-dried Western White Pine.

The kit log home is similar to conventional construction in that it will not settle as much as a hand crafted home. The logs are milled by a lathe in a factory and cut to length for the specific plan that the customer chooses. There is no limit to the design which can be created with a kit log home. Continue reading