Custom Build Process Winter Park

Sawtooth Mountain Builders, Inc.’s mission is to build the highest quality mountain home that is both architecturally pleasing and energy efficient, while offering the personalization of custom wood working and premium construction management on its projects that you would expect at this caliber.


Sawtooth Mountain Builders Inc. believes in spending quality time with each client in the beginning of every project in order to develop the details of the venture, including touring homes they have built so you can gather ideas. For a custom home, if you already have the Winter Park area homesite selected, they can walk the lot with you to ascertain how best to situate the house to utilize the space and capitalize on any natural attributes. If you don’t have a homesite yet, Sawtooth can recommend real estate agents to you, and they would be happy to accompany you on the property tour.

Great emphasis is placed on creating the absolute right floor plan that will best complement your lifestyle and needs, so much discussion will surround this important aspect of your custom home.


If during the discovery process, it’s decided that Sawtooth Mountain Builders in your preferred builder, deeper discussion ensues to determine the project’s optimum timeline, along with finalizing the budget and desired design attributes. A pre-construction contract is solidified through intensive collaboration with the client surrounding every aspect of the home. This process is paramount in two ways: the first ensures that the customers’ desires coincide with their budget, and second, it ensures that once the project begins, most of the major decisions have been made and therefore the construction schedule flows unobstructed.

Project Preliminaries

At this stage, it’s all about logistics. Architects, surveyors, excavators, well/septic professionals and other local experts/subcontractors are brought on board in order to get the project underway. Sawtooth Mountain Builders will handle all of the preparation needed, including submitting utility applications, HOA architectural design review committees, engineering work, etc. while finalizing the budget, schedules and specs to fit the evolving design. Sawtooth Mountain Builders, Inc. will commit to starting the project on-time, and will continue to earn trust and respect by offering transparent cost summaries to the client from start to finish. Open communication is constant. Once the design is finalized, the next step is to actualize the plans by breaking ground.


The moment you’ve been waiting for – for the vision to take shape! Their specialized team begins the process of turning the architectural plans into the home of your dreams, one step at a time. Communication with the homeowner is frequent and thorough, complete with photo documentation of construction stages. Once it’s time to select the home’s finishes (interior and exterior), they will supply guidance and access to their trusted designers, retailers and wholesale contributors. Sawtooth Mountain Builders can assist tremendously with your finish selections, given their craftsmanship history and experience, and your budget will always be in the forefront so you can thoughtfully weigh in on your options.


That much anticipated day will arrive when Sawtooth Mountain Builders, Inc. hands you the keys to your new home! Client orientation is thorough, so all questions can be answered regarding how to operate internal systems, etc., all the way down to the slightest minutia. Their guidance doesn’t stop after your initial move – you’ll discover that they will be available for consultation on your home for a lifetime.