Kitchen Remodeling Winter Park

Down in the dumps every time you walk past your eating nook? Find yourself ordering take-out more often than not, just so you don’t have to cook? Is your family outgrowing your kitchen, or have you recently discovered that an inner chef lives within you, but it’s reluctant to reveal itself in your lackluster kitchen?

Updating one’s kitchen is the most requested remodeling project, and it’s no wonder – the kitchen is the ‘heart & hub’ of the home, and this area’s update can singlehandedly increase a home’s livability and value, more so than anything else. Sawtooth Mountain Builders, Inc. can consult with you to determine the scope of work in relation to your budget, and get the project underway so that within a few months, you can start enjoying a kitchen that aligns with your ultimate vision.

Bona Fide Kitchen Specialists

Sawtooth Mountain Builders, Inc. has the expertise and resources to help you design a new kitchen that will stand the test of time and rejuvenate your home’s look and feel. The plan usually requires replacing the flooring, the cabinetry, the appliances, the countertops/backsplash, and in most cases, the plumbing and electrical fixtures. Perhaps even removing or adding a wall to enhance the kitchen’s overall floor plan? Sawtooth Mountain Builders will review your options during their complimentary on-site consultation, and you may be amazed at some of their unique design ideas that will capture your individual style and taste. The kitchen of your dreams is within reach, and they will personally help you achieve it.

Your Custom Design Team

As the designers and craftsmen, they would also work directly with you regarding tile design for walls, back splashes (behind the stove, etc.) and other feature areas, including any custom tile flooring. Given their years of experience, they have this laborious artistic work down to a science.

Sawtooth Mountain Builders, Inc.

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