Remodeling Winter Park

If your beloved home is outdated and/or the floor plan is not giving you the livable space you desire, why not give it a makeover?  Depending on what type of remodeling project you decide on, it could easily be one of the most significant decisions and subsequent purchases you will make. Hiring a professional is key to achieving a high level of finish that will not only add major livability to your existing square footage, but it could also increase the resale value of your home!

Gain Maximum Impact

The effects that even smaller projects such as a raised ceiling, a walk-in closet, and/or new windows and doors would have on your home would be profound, so imagine going a step further by removing a wall to really open up a room?  Adding or removing walls is often the only economical solution to gain more efficient family spaces. Consider the long term benefits of adding another family room, expanding your master bath, or finally creating that gourmet kitchen that you’ve always wanted?  The possibilities are endless.

Changes like these can add new energy to your home, completely transforming its look and feel. Remodeling can not only extend the home’s life by erasing years of wear and tear, but it also can correct minor problems throughout before they evolve into something ugly and unmanageable.

The first step is to contact Sawtooth Mountain Builders for a complementary consultation. They can advise the best course of action to achieve your vision, and their design expertise will open up your eyes to your home’s full potential.

Kitchens and Bathrooms – An Intro

Renovating bathrooms and kitchens are often the most popular updates for the home, and it’s no surprise – these high traffic areas are also frequented by friends as well as family, so it’s paramount that they be functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Sawtooth Mountain Builders, Inc. offers a complementary in-house design service for bathrooms and kitchens, with cabinet design being offered by several local companies that work directly with Sawtooth Mountain Builders.  The best part?  Sawtooth Mountain Builders, Inc. and their employees do all of the custom finish work, so you can be assured that the vision turns into reality.

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