Bathroom Remodeling Winter Park

Instant Refresher

Has your bathroom seen better days? Whether you’ve been living in your home for the last decade or it’s an older home that you recently purchased that doesn’t reflect your style, having an outdated bathroom can really diminish your property’s value, not to mention deplete your morale when using it.

The problems with outdated bathrooms are not just that they look permanently dirty and can really date a property, but they often prove to waste valuable resources, mainly with leaks due to disintegrating piping, which can also cause dangerous mold issues as well.

The Solution

Sawtooth Mountain Builders, Inc. has the expertise and resources to help you design a new bathroom that will stand the test of time and rejuvenate your home’s look and feel. They would start by replacing the flooring, the cabinetry, the countertops/backsplash, and in most cases, the plumbing and electrical fixtures. Perhaps even removing a wall to enlarge the bathroom itself? Sawtooth Mountain Builders will review your options during their complimentary on-site consultation, and you may be amazed at some of their alternative design ideas that never crossed your mind. The bathroom of your dreams is within reach, and they will help you achieve it.

The Full Package

As the designers and craftsmen, they would also work directly with you regarding tile design for showers, tubs, floors, walls and back splashes.

Sawtooth Mountain Builders, Inc.

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