Custom Homes Winter Park

When you think of a custom home, what comes to mind? An expansive home with all of the bells and whistles that soars above 7 figures?  That’s not necessarily the case!  No longer just a luxury of the elite, custom homes can be a reality for aspiring homeowners spanning a variety of styles and budgets.

The first step to determining if you can make your custom home dreams a reality? Contact Sawtooth Mountain Builders, Inc. for a complimentary consultation.  They will sit down with you to discuss your design ideas, budget, and potential timelines, and you can take advantage of their extensive knowledge and resources. You would have the opportunity to tour other custom homes they have built and even converse with these homeowners/past clients to get any other questions and/or concerns answered to gain a comprehensive feel for what Sawtooth Mountain Builders, Inc. is all about.

The Design Process

When it comes to visualizing your custom home, can you see it crystal clear, down to the coziest sun-warmed nook, OR do you need some inspiration and direction?  Do you lean toward a traditional log home look or perhaps you crave a more contemporary style with steel beams and clean lines?  Perhaps you envision a hybrid of a few architectural styles and materials that best fit your needs and lifestyle?

No matter which stage of the design process you find yourself in, start by writing (or sketching!) down your design ideas and any features you’d like to incorporate, and then flip through magazines and the internet to find photos that resemble the styles and features you envision in your custom home. Creating a vision board or scrapbook will help to relay your ideas to both the architect and the builder during future design meetings, and keep you organized and focused during this important and exciting phase.

Endless Possibilities

The beauty of a custom home is that most anything goes, providing your budget is in alignment!   Why not create the game/recreation room that you’ve always dreamed of? Perhaps a detached 3-car garage with an office or mother-in-law apartment above it?  Maybe you just want enough room to host family gatherings with style, give your kids a room to call their own, and/or to finally design a gourmet kitchen where you will be inspired to take your cooking to a whole new level?!

The list of options is truly unlimited, and this is especially true here, given that Mark Strayer and Kevin Life are master craftsmen. Custom wood working and intricate tile design requests are just two of their specialties, and they have the expertise to create unique masterpieces that capture your vision.

Sawtooth Mountain Builders, Inc.

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