Exterior Remodeling Winter Park

Remodeling/Renovation – Exterior Facelift

A facelift can do wonders to rejuvenate a home’s appearance, energy efficiency, and overall value. Consider doing a remodel/renovation if you love your current home, but it’s in need of updating – whether just for aesthetics and/or for energy savings – and you’ll reap the rewards for years!

How Can They Achieve This?

Sawtooth Mountain Builders, Inc. can transform your current structure into an energy efficient home in several ways: either by removing the existing siding and adding rigid insulation to the exterior of the house; or by going through the drywall and removing the existing insulation and adding spray foam from the interior of the house. Both of these strategies increase the building’s thermal envelope and overall efficiency.

Removing old windows and/or doors and replacing them with new ones, and adding new exterior siding can really add a new aesthetic and energy efficiency to any home.

In some situations with older homes, the roof system is so inferior that an intervention is needed to complete the remodeling’s vision and purpose. Sawtooth Mountain Builder’s plan would include adding 10 inches of R49 insulation to the space before installing a new roof. This enhances its capability to meet modern energy code standards, reduces your energy costs, and at the same time, elevates the overall look, subsequently increasing the home’s value.

Need More Living Space?

Perhaps adding additional square footage to your existing home is the way to go?! Sawtooth Mountain Builders can ascertain if adding an addition is a realistic endeavor for your property. This can occur by ‘popping the top’ of your existing home and going vertical, essentially adding another story to create the appropriate amount of square footage that you desire. Or they could expand upon the existing structure if you have the acreage to support this growth.

Sawtooth Mountain Builders, Inc. uses a team approach with a local architect during the design process to inform the owner of costs as they are in the design phase. To gain clarity on your own project, they will share photos and tour other custom homes they have built that showcase design ideas that are real and tangible.

One of their greatest attributes, according to their satisfied clients, is that they are able to visualize ‘what can be’ by looking at an existing space. Take advantage of their creative expertise and contact them for a consultation today!