This description was written by the Owner (also the interior designer): 

Interior design was my main focus.  Since the kitchen is such a hub and the floor plan very open, I started there.  Not wanting to be just another mountain house, I decided on vintage white cabinets and black accents.  Paneling on the appliances, pantry, refrigerator and island as “furniture” features made for a sophisticated look.  But being a mountain home, an informal allure was important.  When I found the chunky wooden knobs from the UK, I decided they would be the perfect touch to return a bit of the rustic feel and bring out the color of the rub-through on the white cabinets.  I believe the final touch, the addition of the walnut butcher block, married all of the elements beautifully.

I wanted each bedroom to have its own feel, so with this in mind, I enlisted the help of Ann Urban, owner of Cloth Constructions in Boulder.  I’ve found that if you can dream it in fabric, they can make it.  A view of the woods from the main guest bedroom navigated our focus to lend a fresh and inviting ambiance.  The beaded glass chandelier, believe it or not, was my inspiration for the second guest bedroom, making this room just plain fun.   Our master suite set itself apart both in location and theme.

The tile proved to be pretty consistent in every place but the guest bath.  I agonized over the design, but at least had the chocolate brown cabinet as an anchor.  After several transformations, I complemented a simple design with the perfect tile, really capturing the desired look.

To stay the course during this labor of love, I frequently drew upon my basic color scheme to weave the black, red, copper and iron hues throughout the interior themes as well as the exterior details.