This house was built from a kit log home provided by Lodge Logs. The home is constructed of 10-inch round, kiln-dried Western White Pine.

The kit log home is similar to conventional construction in that it will not settle as much as a hand crafted home. The logs are milled by a lathe in a factory and cut to length for the specific plan that the customer chooses. There is no limit to the design which can be created with a kit log home.

This home is 3200 finished square feet and is sitting on top of a conventionally stick-framed, walk-out basement area. The garage is located below the house within the existing foundation. When you can incorporate a garage inside the foundation of a home, it substantially reduces the cost of the garage portion of the house.

Another unique construction feature is that the roof system consists of SIPS (structural insulated panel system); these panels are comprised of a thick layer of insulation sandwiched between two layers of plywood. Because of the thick, rigid layer of insulation, this system is extremely energy efficient. For more information about SIPS, please visit: